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Wren provides full support to its Members in the handling of professional indemnity claims and in seeking to minimise future exposure. This support is provided free from outside commercial considerations, and on a basis that is fair and equitable to all Members.

Members who have any concern that a matter may have the potential to give rise to a professional indemnity issue are encouraged to contact Wren’s claims team at the earliest opportunity. Early involvement is an important element of the successful handling of such matters and guidance from the outset will always be beneficial to the Member.

A contract review service is provided to Members. Commercial advice is not provided, but the legally qualified staff that forms the contracts team can review appointments, collateral warranties and other contractual documents which Members may be asked to sign, to advise whether they contain terms that are unduly onerous or may place the Member outside cover and to assist Members in negotiating appropriate changes to the documentation.

In addition, an active programme of risk management encourages and assists Members to control the level of risk faced by their business. This is achieved through the implementation of sound and prudent management procedures developed with the benefit of the experience of the membership as a whole over 25 years. In this way, Wren is able to help identify potential risk areas, and can support Members by recommending measures to ensure the effective management and control of such risk.