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A mutual exists to serve the interests of its Members in the long term. Prudent financial management, and the absence of pressure from any outside interests seeking a short term return, ensures that Wren has the financial security and sustainability that allow it to continue to deliver the support and protection sought by its Members.

Wren’s objectives were first established in response to the concerns of its founding Members, and are regularly reviewed to ensure that they remain relevant. They have consistently recognised the value of stability. In particular they include :-

  •  Providing Members with control over an important area of their business
  •  Securing the continuing availability of cover which meets the Membership’s requirements
  •  Achieving stability in the cost of that cover.

The value to architects of stability and a high level of service to support them in an important area of their business is reflected in the length of relationship between Members and the mutual  - many of the current Members were amongst its founders.